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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  December 14, 2012 12:00am-1:00am PST

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>> dana: i was on a horse. they drugged the horse so they wouldn't move and they were stuffed. rodeo clown, i love them. they wear suspender, too. >> eric: like "the five." >> you're our rodeo clown. >> eric: i'll do it. can i say it? we are probably on "entertainment tonight" and check the local listings. "the insider." before "entertainment tonight." you're 100% right. check it out. i made a prediction. see if they air that. that is it for "the five." thank you for
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>> yes, andy, that was our actual in bus entertainer. >> i feel like you were trying to tell me that. >> i was. >> six years going strong. joe still has the professional seem lessness in all the other shows. >> we are so good. we are like a well-oiled machine and a harlem globe trotter. >> it would be one thing if we taped in advance, but we are live so you have to roll with it. >> these mistakes happen. exactly. >> it is live television. that's the price you pay from the spontaneity of live television. >> it is live television that makes it what it is. all right. go away captain collar. let's welcome our first guest,
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she is so hot her oven mitts wear oven mitts. she co anchors on fox newschannel and she can waive. well he is so sharp that switch blades carry him. i would like to welcome a first time guest. he is patrick mill sap, rm -- former chief of staff of newt gingrich's campaign. and he is considered a fruit basket. my repulsive sidekick, bill schulz. and if comedic genius was a dresser he would fall apart when you bang him. sherrod small. >> thank you, gregory. >> thank you. >> i have so much to say, but i am so an dree -- aping gree. >> and good to see you, pinch. >> today the -- lincoln leads les miserables. it is poppy-cock with a side
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order of balderdash. ♪ i dreamed a stream ♪ in times gone by ♪ when hope was high ♪ and life was living >> wow. you guys want to go to something? there you go. >> the whole point of bringing up the bus tour is to remind people that i will be on a bus tour. it begins in oklahoma city on december 15th. and then i hit wichita, falls and wood lands and grapevine and plano, waco, tyler. go to greg and you can find out more about it this week. you have to go, really you do. >> can i ask a question? >> sure. >> is that the actual size of the bus? >> i would laugh hysterically
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if that question hadn't been asked 20 times already. >> really? oh, then i i am not the only one that sees it is a possibility. >> the answer is a resounding yes. >> you are terribly right. >> actually the bus is smaller than this. >> should we respect their lack of respect? an army handbook is advising american soldiers not to speak ill of the taliban or speak up for women's rights in afghanistan. the proposed document obtained by the "wall street journal" linked the lack of savy to deadly uhing tays noting that many of the confrontations occurred because of ignorance or lack of empathy for muslim and/or afghan culture rare norms. cultural norms. it is resulting from the afghan security force member. >> hold your tongue when they treat women worse than chris brown does. and the handbook cautions don't mention homosexuality.
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not everyone agrees. speaking of disapproval, look what happens when andy levy tries to leave his apartment. jay nice jeans, andy. sounds weird in his apartment. >> sherrod, should our soldiers be more like you and culturally sensitive to the taliban? >> yes, they should be. mind your business. you are not there to do a one-man job and changing their minds and feelings about things. do your job and keep your head down. >> i don't know, harris. the fact is should we look away at how they treat women? they throw acid in women's faces and they shoot women for
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adultery. >> they are terrible people. >> i can't argue with that. i understand that. originally and all along i thought we were in fact sherrod changing hearts and minds. how do you do that if you can't change who you are? we have seen with long-term conflicts that this kind of bonding and shared cultural experience is important when you are going to be there for a longtime. for civilians who are open to it. >> it makes me think i am not interested in winning hearts and minds. maybe we should high tale it out of there. >> no, you can win with hearts and minds. you can play games with the kids. >> what movies have you seen? >> you don't have to talk about homo sexuality. >> teachers and them basketball and football. i didn't say fried chicken with them. >> patrick, go ahead. >> he didn't. >> the only concern that this is from is that these afghan troops that were supposed to be helping are shooting our
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guys. that's what started this. and so number one if this is going to help prevent that, then let the brass do it. number two, you are right. who are our friends here? we have friends and allies that are shooting us. we have israel our friend and allies that say they are on our end. it is a bigger issue. >> it is like friends how you consider people friends on facebook. >> absolutely. >> it is not like friend, friends. >> we were stationed there with my dad. and i always thought we take the actual lessons learned from conflicts and then apply them. what i understand with this though is that the manual has to be gone over by general allen. we don't know exactly what the end will be. >> very good point and way to add information into the story that i wasn't aware of. >> okay, sorry.
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>> i am the host here. i am supposed to look like i am in control. bill, you served, but it was at appleby's. do you have any opinion on this what so ever? >> yes, clean up your tables. i am a table busker. the gum and all of that stuff, i am not getting paid enough. we pool our tips. secondly if you want to win the hearts and mind of the taliban you decapitate them. reach into the head hole and pull out the mind. you go into the aorta cavity and pull out the heart. mind, heart, we won. second of all, the problem with this is they are not just talking about the taliban. they are talking about regular afghanistan, people. what exactly are we fighting for? i have to wonder if the allies were going to germany were they getting pamphlets that said, don't say anything about the jews. >> that's exactly right. i think patrick is correct that we have to keep our troops safe. but if you made a parallel comparison like bill did, the assume usion is you would turn
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a blind eye to anti-semitism or worse, killing jews. the only answer is get the hell out of there or do something. but i don't know what to do. >> i go back to the center forearm me lessons learned who wrote this manual out of fort leavenworth. i don't know if you could win a long-term conflict without making friends. different than those on facebook. >> you know what would win over friends? dropping dvd's of "friends." >> ross and chandler. >> they love western culture. no they don't. you know what bothers me the most? feminists and beta males who spend their time on blogs going after sexist behaviors like fraternities or wall street. stuff like that. oh look at these guys. they never say anything about the stuff that is going on over there. they are bad stuff. >> i like beta males. >> you are not a beta male.
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>> no. i don't know what a beta male is. >> it is the opposite of alpha male. >> and sherrod wants to teachers and our wonderful sport. look at their sport. it is polo with a goat's head. there is a big divide. >> you work with what you have. >> they do that once a year though. jay we have the super bowl -- >> we have the super bowl once a year. >> i want them to -- you know, you can really bond with people just being normal with them. >> these are people who blow you up. >> i know you want to move on, but these are soldiers and marines. we want them to be -- we want them to be safe, but we want them to fight our wars and get out. at the point we teachers teach them diplomacy won't they take over? >> it is hard to slam dunk a ball when the vertebrae is still attached. >> i don't think he said that. >> we used to play goat
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basketball in our family. >> we finished this topic. from manuals to mangers they are focusing on bullies in assisted of blitzen. a school has can -- canceled its holiday concert and replaced it with an anti-bullying concert. public schools admit some parents complained about the religious content of the show. but she denies the reason why they are fore going the fa-la-la's for that reason. we just had a little change at that particular school because they had a big initiative on anti-bullying. but some town residents don't see it that way with one writing, everything these days has to be politically correct. what is this world coming to when thirn cannot put on a christmas play? what is the world coming to indeed? the new show's theme will be peace, friendship, kindness, be good to your fellow students and accept differences and be supportive. >> boo.
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>> sometimes i think we are lowering the bar. i want to ask you, harris, the anti-bully seminars are becoming the secular christmas. it is exclusively fun for christians. you can't say they are bad, and they affect everybody, examine it is like a secular replacement. >> one, the bullies win again if you take away christmas. >> we did it y'all! >> right? i mean, i like the idea of teaching kindness and peace, but then why wouldn't you just put that program on in december? they know they are not right in this case. what they are doing is just
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killing the program. they are not replacing it. they are killing it. they are running a program later in january during the celebration of martin luther king's birthday. they wanted a reason to kill christmas. this was a little piece that killed me. individuals who objected to the religious nature of a christmas program should just stay home. amen. why not just stay home if you don't want your kid there? why kl christmas for everybody because that's what you are doing. otherwise you would simply replace it. >> let's take the first story and compare it with the second story. you have the american government saying you can't talk about homosexuals or women or pedophiles over there. we will respect that. over here in our country christmas is a bad thing. the fact of the matter is christmas -- the birth of christ is historically accurate and it actually happened. what ever you believe about christ is a different thing. if we are tolerant about
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people's beliefs it is a historically accurate thing that happened. why are we so tolerant of those guys, but when it comes to our thing it is like, we can't do it. we are not tolerant. >> it is not like we are talking about easter, the resurrection. >> a bunny? >> no, sweetheart. and i just say swee heart because i like you or i would punch you. >> if it was anybody else you would punch him in the face. >> are you right, it is the date on the calendar. >> it is ch ri st-mas. >> everybody is so afraid of pissing somebody else off they will ruin it for everybody. >> i remember having christmas plays and celebrations all through school. nobody seemed to be angry about it. >> and that was the only thing you ever wept to. >> i -- ever went to. >> i never went to the class. >> some of the biggest bullies are actors and are missing out in the christmas play. just saying. >> how many more need to be
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hurt before this senseless war on christmas ends? >> seven. >> sherrod, you are being flippant and everybody knows it is 12. >> holidays are -- bill, were you going to answer it? >> well, the mistake they made here by can selling it and then replacing it with something else, if they just canceled it, a couple parents would have been like -- mmm. and then they would say oh thank god we do don't have to go to this thing. my kid is annoying as it is. put a costumes on them that's even worse. and then the kids who don't have a role and the parents complain about that. no one in my school likes the holiday stuff. the kids didn't like to do it. the parents didn't like to watch it. the teachers didn't want to be there. the anti-bullying thing is worse. just can sell it and you won't have any problems. >> it is an attack on fun, and
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it is replacing fun with a didactic her nest no fun -- her nest no fun killer. we are all against bullying. when you have a seminar everybody will be listening going, we know it is wrong, we know it is wrong. there is no real story other than be nice to everybody. we get it. holidays, however, are decisive and hurtful. not everybody can have the same level of fun. >> we have to come up with a new holiday that everybody is included in. >> what would that be? >> everybody likes pilates? they have a pilates day. >> it is hard to do. >> we have become a country of idea police. if you are exposed to an idea you don't agree with, you might get something. >> because it is i killer. >> we will have nothing in a couple years. >> people prefer nothing to something. on that note we will take a break. coming up, is one group to blame for all of our problems? sherrod small discusses his
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new book, the world would be right if there was no more white. >> and it is a musical. but first, can google make it harder to find porn? i don't know. all of my sites are bookmarked.
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is chris christie too big for a presidential gig? the new jersey governor was asked if his girth would get in the way on barbara walters' 10 more fascinating people special. >> there are people who say you couldn't be president because you are so heavy. what do you say to them? >> that's ridiculous. people watched me the last couple weeks during hurricane
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sunday for 18 days. i don't think that would be a problem. >> that was as hard-hitting as his pants aren't fitting. let's check in with barbara walters' most interesting cat. terrible and not funny whatsoever. sherrod, is christie's weight with voters or is this an issue with the mainstream media. >> show respect for barbara walters who knows how to ask a question. she never says, hey, i think you are too fat to run. she says, what do you people to people who say -- >> there are people who say -- >> what would you say to them? >> she knows how to ask the question and not p ut it on her. i love it. >> this is a woman who has been a talk show host for many years and has an unusual vocal delivery. she is asking a fat guy if he should be president, and she has been a a talk show host or interviewer for 40 years with
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an unusual vocal delivery. see my point? >> no, i don't see it at all. >> first of all as a fat guy, i don't think i can -- >> are you not. >> don't you do that! don't you do that! you look great. >> i don't think i should -- i don't think i should throw stones. let's get past the question. let's get past the question. this is the most ridiculous answer chris christie has ever given in his political career. he is known forgiving straight talk. he is known for just saying it as it is. and he goes, barbara, i don't know. i don't know i'm fat. >> this is like, you know this is almost like -- gavin has said this, but it is an achievement to get large. >> down where i am from, this is svelt. this is a practical thing.
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i spent four months on a bus, and once you get secret service you never walk. whatever his weight is before he starts campaigning, think add 50. >> the secret service keep you from walking? >> let me tell you something. they pick you up from the front door, and they take you to events. they pick you up and drop you off at planes. you stop walking. >> they don't want you approached. let me ask you, harris, what do you make of this? do you think it was offensive for her to bring up his weight? >> i think it was irrelevant, although people are talking about it. i would have owned it then. i would have said, you know, you look like you're hungry. is that a problem? >> bill, here is my problem. we are losing our fat people. there are none in the public eye. 234* the old days there were fat role models or roll role models. everybody knew fat people. they were everywhere, and they were -- jackie flea glee
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son -- jackie gleason. >> fatty arbuckle. >> he was a terrible role model. >> it is called mike and molly. let's watch a little mike and molly. >> you think it was a legitimate question? >> i think it is a legitimate -- no, i don't know. i don't know anyone who says he can't be president because he is so big. i never heard that. >> people are worried about his health. this is a guy who on the jersey boardwalk last summer before we had the awful storms, last summer was eating ice cream and donuts and got into a fight. remember that? >> i loved that. he followed the guy. >> he didn't put his ice cream down while he blessed out this person. >> that is a good point. he worked like 20 hours every day during hurricane sandy. and yet he did not lose a pound. this is dedication of a level i have never seen. you have to multi task your eating to such a degree, i don't know who you he does it.
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i do know he has to have the stickest most crumb-filled keyboard in awful government. >> and that's sexy. >> there is a serious point. he is a leader that people look up to, and health is an issue. he and obama walking down together look like an interracial number 10. look, nbc's "big loser" poe lit cal edition, huckabee did it. he was a fat governor and started running. >> again, health was the spark there, so i have read. you know with governor huckabee, once he gets his sights on something he will finish it. maybe govenor chris stey doesn't feel like he needs to do that. but he should have answered the question honestly. you know what, barbara, who ever you are quoting, i am fat. i own that. i love it. move on. >> you know what i was thinking about? how awesome it is to lie on a bed, and you have this really hot, hot donut, and it is like on a contraption above you and
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you put in scoops of ice cream and it melts into your mouth. it is ice cream dripping into your mouth and all over your face. >> so you have been to the governor's mansion. greg got the private tour. now that nondisclosure agreement you signed is out the window. >> it is amazing. >> hugh hefner has a swing in his bedroom, but we have the ice cream canopy. >> do you have a comment on the show? e-mail us. it is red eye at fox and do you have any videos of your animal doing something, but not falling because that's wrong. click on submit a individual yoy, and we may use it. still to come, the half time report from andy levy. he is our donut -- hole. >> it is sponsored by ice skating, using the ice skate to glide over an ice covered
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surface. thanks, ice skate skating.
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for that we go to andy levy. i want to congratulate you. >> for landing the role as jeremy renner's stunt double. it is a college-age -- college-aged film.
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>> i ruined it. >> you kind of did. >> thanks, sleeve less joe. >> i have sleeves. >> he is working on a car out back. >> he didn't know we were dhog show tonight. -- we were doing this show tonight jie. casual greg is different than regular greg. >> okay. >> casual greg can hang out and talk and rap after the show. >> rap? >> that's what i call talking about emotional and personal issues. >> really? >> that's what i do with kids. >> i call my office the tree house. ee house. >> things i did on the bus. >> you were just giving the prosecution so much ammunition. >> let's get to it, shall we?
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proposed army handbook would advise soldiers no the to speak ill of the taliban and speak up for women's rights. sherrod, you said it is telling our troops they are there to do a job, and they should mind their business beyond that. this is applying the thanksgiving dinner rules to afghanistan. >> what is the thanksgiving dinner rules? >> you don't talk about certain things. >> you don't talk about it. it is like being around family. some things you keep in house. when you have other people around a that ain't family you talk regular talk. >> when you have the crazy racist uncle at thanksgiving dinner, ie me, there are certain subjects you don't bring up. >> this raises a point. >> there is a difference thank gives and the taliban, alcohol. >> one of the reasons you can't say anything to the taliban is that they are always sober which makes them miserable people. >> we need to put cocaine in their water. >> they have drugs there
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though. >> they sell opium. >> that's what every dealer says. >> until they get caught. and then it is all for personal use. >> you said part of the reason we are there is to share our values. and to win hearts and minds. it just doesn't seem to be working. >> that's not the point. the point is they don't want it to happen at all. if you block it it doesn't have a chance to happen. we don't know that for certain. it is almost impossible for people to be in each other's company for the amount of years that our troops have been on the ground in that country and not have shared some sort of cultural back and forth. and in a very good, positive way. i am an optimist, but i have a dad who served. i understand that when you have boots on the ground for that long there will be some shared experiences. and with all prayers, i just hope that we can rub off the good stuff on each other. they are human, so they have stuff they can share with us too. amen, can i get an amen?
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>> the flip side is when you have boots on the ground for so long the people start to recent you. >> absolutely. >> there is always a segment of the population that can open that door. if you block it, if you tell our troops that you forbid it, they will follow that command. >> you said if this will keep our soldiers safe, then you are for it which i agree with. but is the fact that we need something like this, does that mean it is time to get out? >> i think that is the problem. like i said before we are making our troops into diplomats. >> bill, you were correct when you said this is not just about the at that . this is about the people who are supposed to be on our side even though it seems like a lot of them robert.
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>> as patrick said, boy this is funny. >> patrick, it is like jazz. sometimes the humor is in what i don't say. >> i am laughing on the inside. >> that's a sweet, sentimental thought. >> that's crap is what it is. harrison, center forearm me lessons learned, what it does is rapidly collects and analyzes and archives the operational records in order to facilitate initiatives and conduct focus, knowledge and forms the army and enables the operationally based ingnaw gracious and integration throughout the army and in the jim environment. >> and all you really need to know -- >> why do you hate the military, greg? why do you hate the military and military programs that are set up to make our army better? why sir? >> wow. >> he is thinking about it. >> that's the center that wrote the journal.
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the only buds man is trying to show us. >> you need to drill down, harris. >> it is a newschannel. >> you realize the host is no longer talking. >> i would say that was my secondary purpose. but it was my primary. >> job well done. >> they replace the christmas concert with anti-bullying program. harris, you said the bullies win again if they take away christmas. they are not taking away christmas. they are can selling a concert. >> they are saying they are not going have it that way. they didn't replace it. a month later they are going to do the bully program. it is not like they physically put something in place. i guess you wouldn't enjoy an anti-bullying program. >> to me it is another way they will destroy the arts in schools. more than a christmas play is a play. one of my favorite times in school. greece, we did greece in the -- grease, we did greece
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-- grease in my class. and i was kinicki. >> can you do that? >> i need the wig. >> i played rizzo and i didn't need the wig of the. >> you're welcome. >> patrick, i didn't really understand or agree with your argument, you said something about because joe success was a historical figure. but that has nothing to do with what christmas celebrates. it is celebrating the birth of the son of god. >> but the point is, there is a historically relevant component to that for nonchristians. people who do not claim to be christians or are not christians their eyes will not burn out of their head by watching something that does that. >> jesus in a manger. >> but the entire point of christmas is that jesus is the son of god. it is not that he was a man. >> the point of christmas, jesus the son of god was born
12:39 am
that day. >> right, exactly. the son of god. i'm confused. >> you are trying to have a fight about jesus christ. >> i am not having a fight about it. i think it is disingeneral wise to pretend that christmas is about the birth of a historical figure. >> i am not saying that at all. for the people that are arguing against this and as only your religious thing, i think that is disingeneral wise is they know nobody can look at christmas because of the birth of christ. >> it is a religious holiday. >> but it is something people can learn from. it is not imposing values on anybody. >> i hear what you are trying to say. andy, this is something you can learn from. do you catch my meaning? why don't you come to service with me this year. >> it is not too late. >> sherrod, you can't have a pilla tease day. >> that was pontious pilot.
12:40 am
chris christie tells barbara walters that he is not too fat. i thought it was fantastic when she said there are people who say. but others say that is a cheesy journalistic practice. >> it still works. they are still making the big money. >> i agree. >> harris, you said if governor huck uh key -- huck uh be wants to get his sights on something he finishes it. couldn't you say the same thing about governor christie and a bucket of chicken? >> i don't know what he likes other than donuts and ice cream. if he decided he want to do something about his weight, he would do it. >> you are probably right. >> he should have said this. i am fine the way i am. if i get to a point where i can changing it, i change it. he needs to refer to himself as 2phat where the 2 is the number and the phat with a p-h. you get the two chains and the old school people because you
12:41 am
have phat with a p-h. >> the kids want to call them fatty boom boom. >> it was not the fact of his weight, but the answer to the question. i don't know how it got this way. >> is it not possible he wept to bed on a thursday and was in perfect shape and then woke up friday and was huge. >> you think it is impossible, but it doesn't make it impossible. i have seen weirder things. >> is that what happened to that shirt you are wear ?g. >> then you turned that michael j fox from 1987? >> yep. >> are we done here? momentum killer 2012. coming up, where do kittens come from? not a story, just something lou dobbs sent me. but first, is facebook making people fatter? it is according to facebook is making people
12:42 am
that's where i get all my news.
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will it be a thorn for fans of porn? google has modified its filter to make it harder to stumble on to sexy, sexy content accidentally. we have all been there. if you are looking for adult con at the present time you can find it without having to change the default setting. you may just need to be more explicit in your query if your search terms are am ambiguous -- am ambiguous? >> that's one of my daughters. >> am ambiguous is kinky. let's discuss in the -- >> lightning rooooooouuuuuunnnnndddd. lightning round. [applause]. >> you find porn by accident
12:46 am
every day. >> i find that -- i find it behind the high school in the woods. >> those were the good old days. >> i think that was good. back then -- it was hard to find porn. it was like he was rewarded if he found it. >> you can stumble on to it. >> the next thing you know you have boobies on the screen. >> patrick, accidental porn happens, but we make a joke, but isn't it a bigger problem that is available at all times? >> well, yes. this is a great thing -- true story. not a joke. i have three daughters. they wanted for christmas big teddy bears. >> oh my god. >> i made the bad mistake of googling big bears. let me tell you what comes up when you put in big bears. >> did you see a guy named
12:47 am
billy who was 47? >> that was a union rally. >> you dress them like village people and have them do this you have big bears. nobody needs to see that ever. thank you, google. >> i find it quite entertaining. i get fashion tips from there. >> i browse through. >> do you ever believe people find porn by accident? >> i know children have found it by accident. absolutely. so in my household where i have a six-year-old as of this week and a three-year-old i put controls on everything. have i to not let them play with my ipad until i have turned on the you are a port mode. >> but they are savy and they can go through it. >> and there are things they might put in -- it is amazing. my three-year-old says to me the other day because she is hearing it on the radio now and i have to be conscious from the gingham style video she's sexy and she know itself. children learn.
12:48 am
>> and any search terms that are anyway, shape or form related will bring something up that they will never, ever, ever see. >> google popsicle. see what comes up on. >> well now i have to. >> you made the statement a few moments ago that all of us have been there. not everybody at this table has been there. >> bill hasn't been there. his porn consists of drawings that he does on the cardboard box he sleeps in. >> i have gotten rid of the bloggers. let me tell you the reason god made it. why he made a laptop and google. >> i am watching tv. gabrielle reece, i wonder -- gabrielle reece, nude, oh yes, 1988. that is why computers exist. this is why i go home every night. i don't have a girlfriend. but have i my google image
12:49 am
search and i want to know if there was a topless seen in 1989. >> the most important thing is i met gabby reece. she was the olympic volleyball player. >> shoot, i am thinking of somebody else. >> she did pose nude. she did pose nude. look it up, oh wait you can't. go to bing. bad move on your part, google. we have to take a break. don't leave now. there is more to talk about i think, i hope.
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new studies linked facebook to over eating and over spending. it had a higher body mass index and credit card debt. it can lead to less self-control in other areas of your life. pretend it makes sense, everybody. sherrod, does this make sense, and should mark zuckerberg be arrested? >> i always said he should be arrested. >> and you are over eating,
12:54 am
you are over spending because are you buying food you don't need. >> i guess. >> or is this a foolish story. >> patrick, you think this is true? the whole internet in general? you are sitting there, of course you will gain weight. >> i think now we know why chris christie is fat. obama spends too much, and that explains both of those. >> harris? >> that's good for me. >> well this truly has become a bad story too. >> i don't think i know anybody who trolls facebook. who does that? >> you go on and see what somebody says and get off. >> you post your behind the scenes with greg gutfeld and the gang pictures. >> by the way we had slept pictures of the -- excellent pictures of the bus tour on facebook. >> i am getting fat just thinking about it. >> the disturbing thing in this story is people get this
12:55 am
artificial sense of self-esteem by being on facebook. if you are getting self-esteem from facebook, you may need to talk to somebody. >> that's a great idea for teenage girls out there. if they want to get their friend or frenemy they go on facebook page and like, like, like, like. oh that's great. another dorito. the next thing you know twenty pounds later and no boyfriend and greasy skin to boot. think about it. >> in another life you were a mean girl. >> i definitely was. >> and in another life i mean three years ago. we have to take a break. he did. he had surgery three years ago. he was a mean girl. post game wrap up. i hope he reads from a book.
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see you back here at 5:00 p.m. eastern. and then o'reilly at 8:00 p.m. with remi spencer. who is that? >> back to tv's andy levy for the post game wrap up. >> thanks. >> how is that show on the weekend going? >> we continue to be number one in our time slot in all of cable. we are happy, fox report weekend 7:00 p.m. eastern and 4:00 p.m. pacific, be there. >> outstanding. patrick, where is camilla? >> go past atlanta and hit florida and back up and find to where and turn right. >> it sounds like my life. >> wow. >> is that a person or a town


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